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The PURE EP System is designed to record and display high fidelity cardiac signals with intuitive visualizations tools, which may allow electrophysiologists to better characterize tissue during ablation procedures.

We conducted a comparison of our PURE EP System with a competitive product. Our system is in red and the competitive productis in blue. On the left you can see that our system more clearly shows high frequency detail. On the right in the zoomed in image, you can see that our system shows the low amplitude detail much more clearly.

  • Here is a block diagram showing the components of an existing recording system - filters within result in vital information lost.
  • This is the reason the PURE EP System was designed.
  • With PURE EP, raw unfiltered signals are acquired from electrodes at the tip of the catheter placed on the heart.
  • PURE EP displays raw signals in multiple review windows with filtering options.
  • The proprietary hardware and software was designed to effectively eliminate noise, artifact and baseline wander in real-time to present clearer signals during EP studies and catheter ablation.
  • It was developed to enhance clinical decision making by revealing the most important parts of the signals - exposing high frequency microcomponents in midst of large physiologic signals; critical substrate i.e fractionated atrial and ventricular electrograms; high-frequency, low-amplitude signals such as the Purkinje potentials.
  • Intuitive tools within - multiple review windows with various algorithms for differential diagnoses to cut procedure length. Currently, with competitive technology, when there is a signal of interest, the clinician would have to step out of the control room and review seconds or minutes of signals and apply filtering to the amplified signals to reduce noise and artifacts.
  • With PURE EP, real-time exceptional signal quality and powerful insight will be right there in the procedure room.

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